Artists find in TopStars and its contest a springboard to launch their musical career.
Thanks to the contest they get to be the focus of an intense international promotion campaign in specialized and general media and on platforms such as Spotify for free.
And just for participating, they win economic rewards in two different ways.
On the one hand, depending on the position they are in each month in the ranking, they get an economic reward from the money raised by the sale of tokens.
(All the information on this subject is described in the "Awards and Rewards" section.)
And the final winner of the contest will receive a grand award in addition to a financial reward:
  • Recording an album
  • Recording of a video clip
  • Professional manager
  • Live performances
  • Mentoring with industry professionals
On the other hand, for each artist 6 different types of NFTs are created, each one has a cost and therefore some associated benefits for the buyer. The important thing is that the artist will get 3% of each sale.
Every time one of his NFTs is sold in any marketplace, he will receive 3% of the value for which it is sold. After that, it's a passive source of income forever.
In addition, TopStars does not interfere with royalties for song copyrights. Its management is 100% of the artist and the platform does not take anything in this regard, as it happens in other projects in the sector that take part of these royalties.
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