Being a TopStars holder means not only obtaining economic returns, but also having a voice and a vote in deciding which artists have the most prominence on the platform through the "TopStars 100" contest, one of the most differentiating features of the project.
It is the holders, with their votes, who decide from among the 200 selected by a professional jury, who will be the 100 participating artists and, therefore, those who will enjoy promotion and resources.
The holder has as many points for the vote as the number of tokens he/she has staked.

Rewards for stakear to vote in the contest

In total the project has 100,000,000 tokens.
And 1% of the funds raised each month by their purchase or sale, will go to reward holders who make staking during the contest to be able to vote. They will receive a reward proportional to the time and amount of tokens they have staked.

Rewards for staking outside the contest

Holders will also be able to get a significant return on their tokens thanks to the different stake modes that will be offered outside the contest.
Interest will depend on the amount of tokens and the blocking time. However, they will also have access to other benefits such as, for example, access to the purchase of NFTs at a discount.

Purchase of NTF

You can also become a holder if you buy an NFT.
Each artist who participates in the "TopStars 100" contest has 6 different types of NTFs created for him/her.
And each type of NFT has associated benefits for the holder and a number of votes for the contest.
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