The TopStars 100

  • Each year there is an edition of the contest.

  • The contest lasts 6 months.

  • 100 artists participate.

  • Each artist participates with 6 different songs, one for each month of the contest.

Who can participate?

Any emerging artist and/or group from anywhere in the world who wants to make a name for themselves and has at least 6 songs of their own to submit to the contest.

Who chooses the participants?

Each year a professional jury selects 200 artists from among all those who apply and then the holders with their votes choose from those 200 the 100 who will finally compete.

How does the dynamics of the contest work?

The contest lasts 6 months, that is to say, it has 6 stages (one per month). And each one of them has its own ranking, although at the end of the contest the total number of votes per artist is counted.

That is to say, the participants compete each month with a different song and the holders and fans vote for their favorite songs in each of these stages.

At the end of each month the awards are distributed according to the classification.

And the final winner and the one who will get the biggest award will be the one who has the most votes in the global computation of the 6 months.

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