The Pre-contest process takes place 15 days before the start of the contest.

It is divided into two parts:

  • Professional Jury.

    It selects 200 artists among all those registered.

  • Holders.

    From the 200 selected, the holders with their votes choose the 100 participants of "The TopStars 100".

    Holders can distribute their votes among the artists of their choice.

    Each TOPS token in stake is equivalent to 1 vote. If the holder also has an NFT level 2, the value of his vote increases as follows:

    • TopStars Platinum: Increase x 1.5

    • TopStars Diamond: Increase x 2

    • TopStars Uranium: Increase x 3

For example:

Holder A, owns 1000 TOPS.

He can vote for Artist A with 500 points and for Artist B with 500 points.

Holder B, owns 1000 TOPS and a TopStars Diamond.

PYou can vote for Artist A with 1000 points and Artist B with 1000 points.

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