NFT Genesis Card

The first purchasers of TopStars NFTs called Genesis Card will be VIPs and will receive significant rewards:

  • Free one TopStars Bronze NFT per contest. Each Genesis Card holder will be able to mine one NFT TopStars Bronze each year, from the artist of their choice in the "TopStars 100" contest. The public mint fee is $30.

  • Access to the Whitelist of the Private Presale. At the end of the contest, in September, the TOPS Private Pre-Sale will be held, with a 25% discount on the price of the token compared to the Public Sale (TGE).

  • Exclusive priority in the purchase of NFT TopStars. During the first 12 hours of the start of each contest, only Genesis Card holders will be able to mine NFT TopStars Tier 1.

  • Stake boosted x3. In the voting staking of the contest, Genesis Card holders will receive 3 times more rewards for locking their TOPS.

  • Governance in some project decisions. Genesis Card holders will be consulted on some decisions about the project and will be able to vote for the option they are most interested in.

  • Exclusive Beta Testing of the project developments. Genesis Card holders will be the first to test new releases and implementations in the project.

  • Private AMAs with any area of the project. There will be a private room for Genesis Card holders, where AMAs will be held with the different members of the TopStars team.

  • Special events. Genesis Card holders will have access to special events.


Total Supply: 1.000

Public Sales: 900

Team and Marketing: 100


  • 1 Genesis: 0.5 BNB

  • 2 Genesis: 0.9 BNB

Limited and unrepeatable edition.

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