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Voting system

There are three ways to vote for artists:
Each member of the TopStars community, free of charge, has one vote per month if they register on the APP or on the web platform.

TOPS token holders

Each TOPS token staked is one vote. And you can vote for one or several artists, i.e. you can distribute your tokens among the contestants of your choice.
When you vote for an artist with X number of tokens, they are blocked in staking until the end of the stage (the month).
Once the blocking period is over, the holder can reclaim the TOPS generated in the stake and keep their votes for the artist or change their votes to another musician at no cost.
However, if a holder changes the vote or unlocks the TOPS before the end of the current stage, he/she will be charged a 5% commission of the blocked TOPS.

Mint of TopStars NFTs level 1

When acquiring an NFT TopStars level 1 (mint) the artist represented on the NFT receives a specific number of votes:
  • NFT TopStars Bronze: 10 points
  • NFT TopStars Silver: 25 points
  • NFT TopStars Gold: 50 points
So if a holder buys a NFT TopStars Bronze from artist X, he assigns the 10 points directly to that artist.
If another holder buys a TopStars Gold NFT from artist Y, he assigns the 50 points to artist Y.
There is no limitation on the number of NFT TopStars purchased by holders.