TOPS Token

The TopStars Coin (TOPS) is a token that uses BEP-20 technology and is deployed on the BNB Chain network, formerly known as Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

It is the main token of the TopStars platform and a total of 100,000,000 units will be issued.

Project distribution and financing

The TOPS token is created with a system of fees applied to each transaction to be distributed as follows:

1% destined to the Holders

Holders for staking their tokens receive this 1% of the sales in proportion to the number of tokens they have locked and the time in staking.

1% for Artists

All artists who compete in the "TopStars 100" receive a financial reward each month according to their ranking. This reward depends directly on this 1%.

1% for the project

For the proper functioning of the project, as well as for its development, this 1% is earmarked and will be invested, above all, in the area of operations and marketing. This will achieve the scaling of the project and its visibility, thanks, among other actions, to the ambitious advertising campaigns that will be carried out during the contest.


If for the transactions (purchase / sale / transfer) of the TOPS token the volume of transactions amounts to $10,000,000, from this amount 3% would be collected and the distribution would be as follows:

$100,000 will go to the artists awards.

$100.000 will go to the holders who have made stake.

$100.000 will go to the project.

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