Artist Promotion

The artists are the focus of the marketing and communication campaigns that will be carried out in each edition of the contest.
They are invited to create content, attend interviews, AMAs, etc. And from the TopStars marketing department, an intense promotional work is carried out both in specialized and general media, as well as on platforms such as Spotify.
To this end, the project has set a significant percentage of the proceeds from the sale of TOPS tokens.


TopStars gives the most voted artists the possibility to perform live in their respective cities, during and after the contest.
This type of performances are private, therefore, to access them you need a special ticket known as POAP and you can only get it if you have a NFT of the artist.
Holders of NTFs of the artist enter the draw for tickets to the performance (POAPs), i.e., they do not have to do anything and there is no cost for them.