Platform and APP

To participate and be part of the project and the community you have two tools, our web platform and the official TopStars App.
Both platforms will have the following sections:
  • News
    Section of current news, project, contest and artists.
  • Contest
    All the information about the contest, voting ranking, artist profiles, etc.
  • Events
    This section will publish all events and actions that are scheduled by TopStars or Artists who participate or have participated in a "TopStars 100" contest.
    Events can be filtered by:
    • Artist
    • Type of NFT required to access the event
    • Type of event
    • Date
    • Place
  • Fan Club
    All the information about the TopStars Fan Club.
  • Training
    We make available to fans a short and simple free training on Blockchain. Fans who complete the entire training will be rewarded with a TOPS Airdrop.