Rewards Holders

Holders receive rewards in two ways.

Thanks to the staking of the TOPS token and by acquiring a Tier 2 NFT.

Voting Stake

Each month 1% of the total amount collected from the sale of TOPS tokens that month is distributed among all holders who are staking.

If in addition to holding tokens, they hold any level 2 NFTs then the rewards for staking are multiplied as follows:

  • Holder TOPS + NFT TopStars Platinum: The rewards for staking are multiplied by 1.5

  • Holder TOPS + NFT TopStars Diamond: The rewards for staking are multiplied by 2

  • Holder TOPS + NFT TopStars Uranium: The rewards for staking are multiplied by 3

Ownership of tier 2 NFTs and/or sale of tier 1 and 2 NFTs

All holders who own level 2 TopStars NFTs will receive 25% of the total proceeds from the sale of all NFTs in that year's contest.

This distribution depends on the type of NFT owned:

  • Platinum: Receives > 0.015% of the total proceeds.

  • Diamond > 0.035% of the total funds raised.

  • Uranium > 0.20% of total funds raised.

On the other hand, they can profit from the sale of any NFTs they own in the TopStars marketplace, as well as from the sale of POAPS.

Holders of NFTs can also be rewarded with other types of benefits throughout the year such as free tickets to events, concerts or any other type of action considered by the artists.


If in the current year NFTs worth $5,500,000 have been sold.

Of this amount $1,375,000 will go to holders of level 2 NFTs.

Thus a holder with a Uranium NFT will receive: $2,750.

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