NFT TopStars

Each artist who participates in the contest will have 6 different types of NFTs created with his or her image.
And with a royalty for the artist of 3% for life. And another 3% for the TopStars project.

Tier 1

  • They can be purchased.
  • Each one has a specific vote value for the contest.
  • They are the only way to access the NFTs level 2.
    Level 2 NFTs cannot be purchased. They can only be accessed by drawing lots. And in order to participate you must have a level 1 NFT of the current contest, this way:
    • Bronze holders enter the draw for the Platinum.
    • Silver holders enter the draw for the Diamond.
    • Gold holders enter the draw for the Uranium.
  • Each artist can add as many benefits as he/she wishes.
  • It is divided into Bronze, Silver and Gold.
Regarding all the benefits that the artist can give to the NFTs, we are talking about a great number of possibilities such as, for example, tickets to live concerts or in the metaverse, private meetings with the artist, first line at his concerts, group video calls... Anything you want.

Tier 2

  • They are very rare.
  • Their owners will receive 25% of the proceeds from the global sale of NFTs for the current year.
  • They increase the stake of the TOPS token. The holder will enjoy up to x3 on the voting stake.
  • Access to the Private Pre-Sale Whitelist.
    Only holders of Level 2 NFTs (and the Genesis Card) will have access to the TOPS token private pre-sale whitelist after the Launch Contest ends. This will be the only way to access this private presale where the price of the TOPS token will be 25% lower than when it opens for public sale.
  • Pre-contest voting (Election of the 100 artists participating in the contest) Voting to choose the participants in the contest is done with TOPS, if you own a NFT TopStars level 2, the value of the vote is increased as follows:
    • Platinum -> Increase x 1.5
    • Diamond -> Increase x 2
    • Uranium -> Increase x 3
  • From the 2023 edition of the contest NFTs level 2 will increase their benefits considerably, although this cannot be revealed yet.