Artist Rewards

Artists participating in the contest receive rewards in two different ways.
Each month they receive financial awards thanks to the sale of the TOPS token and throughout the contest they receive rewards for the sale of their NFTs.

Rewards thanks to TOPS sales proceeds

1% of the total proceeds from the sale of the TOPS token each month goes towards the awards for the artists participating in the contest.
Of that 1%:
  • 90% is distributed in awards among all contestants as shown in the leaderboard. (Below).
  • The 10% will be for the award of the final winner (the one who has accumulated the most votes during the 6 months of the contest).
In each stage the classification is divided into 10 ranks and the awards in each rank are as follows:
Nº Artists
6º al 10º
11º al 20º
21º al 30º
31º al 50º
51º al 100º
If the first month of the contest for the sale of the TOPS token has a transaction volume of $10,000,000, 1% of that amount ( $100,000 ) will be distributed among the artists as follows:
  • $90,000 will be allocated to the monthly awards for all participants, according to the table above. In such a way that:
    • 1st will get 15% of $13,500.
    • The 2nd will get 9% of $8,100
    • And so on
  • 10,000$ will go to the final award, the artist with the most votes of the whole edition and final winner of The TopStars 100 will receive 10% of the proceeds during the 6 months of the contest.

Rewards for the sale of NFTs

  • Each contestant has 6 different types of NFTs. And from each one that is sold the artist will get 20%. It will be a direct reward, every time a stage of the contest is finished.
  • On the other hand, every time someone who has bought a NFT from an artist resells it to another holder in any marketplace, the artist will get 3% of that transaction. This creates a source of income for the artist for life.
  • In addition, 5% of the proceeds from the sale of all the NFTs of all the artists during the contest edition will be shared equally among the 100 participants of the edition.
If an artist sells 100 NFTs worth $15,000 he/she will directly take 20% which amounts to $3,000.
And if the total sum for the sales of all the NFTs of that edition is $5,000,000, 5% of that amount ($250,000) will be divided equally among the 100 participants and therefore each artist would get $2,500.
However, on the other hand, you will have another way of passive income for life, every time one of your NFTs is sold.
If a holder sells an NFT of that artist in the marketplace for 1500$ the artist will get 3% of that transaction which would amount to 45$.

Artist Rewards Summary